Four Things That A Bail Bonds Company Has No Control Over

15 April 2022
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A bail bonds company can help to bail an inmate out of jail after bail has been set. However, while a bail bonds agency is involved in the bond process, there are many things that are actually out of their control. Here are four things that a bail bonds company has no control over and who actually has control over these things. 

Whether an Inmate Gets Bail and How Much Bail Is Set At

A bail bonds agency has no control over whether an inmate is granted bail and/or at how much bail is set. The bail amount may be set by county ordinances, by a court magistrate, or by a judge. A criminal defense attorney or a public defender can help with bail hearings to get bail set or to advocate for a lower bail amount. A bail bonds company cannot help with the bail process until bail has been set. 

How Long the Jail Takes to Release an Inmate After Bail Has Been Posted

Many people think that once a bail bonds agency posts bail, their loved one will be out immediately. A bail bonds company has no control over what time the jail releases inmates or how long they take to release an inmate. The length of time it may take vary based on how busy a particular jail is and local regulations regarding release processes. 

The Conditions the Court Set As Part of an Inmate's Release

It is common for courts to set conditions as part of an inmate's release. These conditions may include not leaving the state or an inmate being subjected to drug or alcohol testing. Once you are released, a bail bond agent may go over the terms of your release with you to ensure you understand them. However, they cannot change those conditions or help you get them modified. 

How Much the Bail Bonds Company Charge For Their Services

The final thing that a bail bonds company does not have control over is the amount they charge for the service they provide. In most states, bail bonds companies charge 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount to get someone out of jail. In many states, there are laws and regulations on minimum or maximum amounts that bail companies can charge. This limits how much control bail companies have over the prices that they charge to their customers. 

Many people call bail bonds companies asking them to help get bail set, asking why an inmate hasn't been released after the bond has been posted, asking to change the conditions of an inmate's release, or trying to negotiate the amount a company charges for their services. If you are looking to bail your loved one out of jail and bail has already been set for them, reach out to a bail bond agent to get started.