Protecting Your Business Against The Risk Of A Fire

22 December 2021
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Depending on your business, the risk of a fire occurring can be relatively high or the consequences of a fire starting may be especially serious. This can be common for enterprises that need to store large amounts of fuel or other highly combustible materials. The use of fire watch security guards can be an essential investment for keeping these businesses safe from this hazard.

Assess The Property For Potential Fire Threats

A proactive approach is always preferred when it comes to fire mitigation. In this regard, a fire watch security guard will be able to provide you with regular surveys of the property to look for potential fire hazards that should be mitigated. A common example of this can be improperly stored fuel or visibly damaged electronic components. While these professionals may not be able to mitigate all of these issues for you, they can help you to understand the steps that will reduce the risk of a major fire occurring at your business.

Intervene When Small Fires Start

When a fire starts, a fast response is essential to stop it from quickly spreading throughout the property. Unfortunately, it may take your fire suppression system several minutes to activate, which can lead to the fire rapidly growing. Additionally, first responders may take too long to arrive to put out the fire before it spreads. A fire watch security guard may be able to improve the response time to small fires to limit this risk. In addition to being able to manually activate fire suppression systems, these professionals may be able to use handheld extinguishers or other tools to put out a fire before it is able to spread.

Ensure First Responders Are Contacted As Quickly As Possible

In situations where a fire is too large to be put out with an extinguisher, first responders will need to be contacted as soon as possible. A fire watch security guard will have the capability to quickly contact the local fire department when smoke or flames are discovered on the property. This can allow for the fastest response from these emergency services so that the damage to your building can be reduced as much as possible. For a business with highly combustible substances, any delays in the arrival of these professionals could increase the chances of the fire growing to be out of control, which could prevent the building from being saved or allow the flames to spread to neighboring structures.

Consider getting fire watch security guards for your property.