3 Reasons To Post Armed Security Guards In Your Parking Lot

21 June 2021
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Commercial entities are more concerned with security than ever before. Businesses post security guards on retail floors and at building entrances to help keep products, employees, and customers safe.

Having a security presence inside your facility is great, but it's important to maintain security outside your building as well. It's easy to overlook the benefits that posting armed security guards in your parking lot can offer.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider securing your own parking lot in the future.

1. Secure Vehicles

You want your employees and customers to feel comfortable leaving their vehicles parked in your commercial lot while doing business with your company. Armed security guards patrolling the parking lot can significantly increase vehicle safety.

Would-be criminals are less likely to attempt a vehicle break-in when an armed guard is nearby. Guards patrolling the parking lot can take note of suspicious activity, which can help solve any crimes that do occur on your property.

2. Maintain Organization

Parking lots can become chaotic environments on a busy day. Drivers attempting to locate an available spot may not pay attention to the vehicles around them. This can lead to collisions between vehicles.

Armed guards posted in your parking area can help maintain organization. Security personnel can direct vehicles to areas with available parking spaces. An armed guard can also draw attention to a driver's surroundings to reduce the potential for accidents.

The more organized your parking area is, the safer your customers and employees will feel when they visit your facility.

3.  Control Access

The first step in controlling who enters and exits your commercial facility is controlling who enters and exits your parking lot.

Stationing an armed security guard at every entrance and exit allows your company to register all visitors. Should anything unexpected occur, armed guards will have the license plate and model description of the vehicles driven by troublemakers.

Armed security guards can also check visitor's ID cards to ensure only those who have a reason to be in your facility are able to access your parking areas. Controlling access to parking areas adds a layer of protection for your customers and employees.

If you truly want to secure your facility, hire armed security guards for your parking lot. Maintaining a secure parking area can reduce the number of security breaches you deal with inside your facility and help protect your customers and employees from harm.

For more information on your armed security options, contact a security company.