Caring For A Business Camera System? 3 Mistakes To Avoid Making

4 May 2020
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Commercial camera systems make it easy to keep track of your employees and inventory, paving the way for a more productive business. When you spot issues, you can react quickly to prevent future losses. However, many company owners make mistakes with their camera systems that can cause real problems. Here are three little mistakes to avoid making with your camera systems. 

1. Using The Wrong Cleaners Abrasive or acidic cleaners can harm camera lenses, so be careful when you clean your cameras. Remember that most cameras only need a light dusting from time to time with a feather duster or a microfiber cloth. Never clean cameras heavily with water or submerge them, as exposing electrical equipment to water could cause short outs or overloaded circuits. If certain components are exposed to water, they could become permanently damaged. 

2. Letting Employees Adjust the Settings While you may be tempted to give your employees the chance to manage security camera settings from time to time, it is never a good idea to let people adjust security system settings on their own. In addition to potentially having the capability of covering their own tracks in the event they are up to no good, letting employees adjust the settings could also interfere with your security plan since they may turn cameras towards parts of the store where the footage won't do you any good. 

3. Ignoring Signs of Trouble Anytime you notice signs of trouble with your security cameras, it is important to proceed with caution. Never assume that the issues will go away on their own. Instead, turn to professionals for help. Ask the company who manufactured the security system for a service call if you notice disruptions in the quality of the video, problems with being able to adjust angles, or issues that could make it difficult to look up footage in the future. 

Consider writing down the problems you have been having, and report those issues to the people you hire to fix things. Ask anyone who comes to repair cameras if they are licensed, bonded, and insured to make sure that you aren't liable for any problems that are unintentionally incurred during repairs to your security system.  

When you start thinking more seriously about updating your business with the right camera system, it is important to carefully consider different high-end systems that could be right for your building. Talk with different businesses, chat with companies about what they can offer you, and do what you can to choose a system that can be personalized for your individual company. Speak with a professional who provides camera systems for businesses to learn more.