3 Reasons To Hire A Security Guard For Your Upcoming Community Concert

24 March 2020
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Hosting a community concert is a great way to promote local bands and musicians who want to make a name for themselves. But with so many people gathered together in one place, your community concert may get a little crazy. Even if the concert doesn't get rowdy, it's a good idea to hire a security guard or two to be present throughout the event. Here are just a few good reasons to do so.

Ensure Safety for Everyone

One good reason to hire security guards for your community concert is to make sure that everyone stays safe throughout the entirety of the event. If a fight breaks out, security guards will be there to break it up quickly and to clear the event of any trouble makers. Your security guards can also provide assistance if a medical emergency arises.

They'll make sure that the paramedics get called and that the emergency stays under control until medical help arrives. Your guards can get people to your first aid station if they injure themselves during the concert. They will also be there to keep people calm and to provide direction if an emergency like a fire develops.

Provide Valuable Guest Support

Having the ability to effectively support your concert guests is another good reason to hire security guards to be present during the event. Whenever a guest needs help finding the restroom, the exit, or any other area, your security guards will point them in the right direction if not escort them to their destination altogether.

If a guest feels unsafe, they can contact a security guard to get the help they need, whether that means dealing with a threat or helping them get out of the concert area and to a less populated space. And instances of theft and other issues can be reported to the security guards so they can take action when necessary.

Create a Record of Activities

Hiring security guards for your community concert will ensure that any activity that happens during the concert is properly recorded in case it needs to be used in the future. Whether someone gets injured, gets into a fight, loses a piece of property, or sees a crime of any kind take place, your security guards will fill out a report that thoroughly describes the incident and indicates the names and contact information of the people involved.

These reports can come in handy if a police report or lawsuit gets filed by a concert guest due to an incident that happens during the concert. You will be able to provide valuable information in the form of reports from your event security guards that could help solve a crime or settle a lawsuit. And you can use the reports to protect yourself and your organization from potential lawsuits.