Three Ways To Expedite The Bail Bond Process

20 June 2023
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News of a loved one's arrest can be distressing, especially if it's their first time in jail. Therefore, contact a lawyer immediately because an arrestee needs good legal representation. Subsequently, post bail immediately to secure their release.

An experienced bail bond agency can help navigate the intricate process. However, you should familiarize yourself with the bail bond process to help a service provider expedite a loved one's release. This post highlights three ways to expedite the bail bond process. Read on. 

1. Gather Accurate Information

The bond process starts with collecting relevant information about a person's arrest. However, check on your loved one first to confirm they are in custody. Talk to an arrestee before linking them with a bail bond agent because inaccurate details slow down the process.

Speak to the arresting officer for accurate information, including the bail amount, inmate number, alleged crime, and jail location. Contact a bail bond agency after double-checking everything to secure a speedy release.

2. Choose a Local Bail Bond Agency

An online bail bond process allows you to select any agent nationwide. However, be cautious because technical issues, such as slow internet or power outage, might delay signing electronic paperwork. Therefore, pick a local service provider for constant follow-up. Additionally, a local agent is affordable because of fewer logistical challenges.

Take advantage of a local bail bond agent to track a loved one under custody. Additionally, ask an agency to check on the arrestee and start the release process if you're out of state. A bail bond agency familiar with local procedures and law enforcement officers will help expedite the release process.

3. Pick a 24/7 Service Provider

Bail bond agencies differ in many aspects, including operation hours. Therefore, select a 24/7 service provider since they are available full-time. Round-the-clock services are particularly critical if an arrestee has a unique medical condition requiring immediate specialized care.

Full-time services are also essential if an arrestee has a crucial early morning school examination. Therefore, select a local 24/7 bail bond agent to avoid time inconveniences typically associated with out-of-state providers. Most importantly, a 24/7 agency will work day and night and during the weekends to ensure an arrestee's speedy release.

A bail bond agent's primary objective is to secure an arrestee's prompt release by posting bail. Therefore, confirm a loved one's arrest, choose a local agency, and select a 24/7 service provider to speed up the bail posting process.

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