You've Got Lots Of Choices When Hiring Security

23 September 2022
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Hiring security for your company is a good idea, but you have to have the right type of security. And when you go to hire guards, you'll find that there are a lot of options, enough to basically throw you into analysis paralysis if you aren't completely sure of what you need. Deciding on the type of security you want before you start looking will help you navigate through all the choices.

Are You Aiming for Numbers or Active Patrol?

Sometimes you want a lot of security guards to show that there is a presence — you want anyone trying to come onto the property with the idea of causing trouble to realize that there is security everywhere they turn. This is a good solution for large events where you'll have a lot of people around.

But maybe you don't want presence and numbers; you want someone actively patrolling your property. In that case, having a few people (more people for larger properties and fewer people for smaller properties) who are trained to find and detain intruders would be better.

Do You Want Armed or Unarmed?

Whether to have armed or unarmed security is a big question. Armed security brings with it extra costs and liability that your insurance company may not be thrilled about, so if you do want armed security, make sure that the security company has policies that cover its guards and any actions they take. If the security guard is obviously unarmed, though, that could embolden troublemakers. It's also possible to hire a combination and have some armed and some unarmed guards on your property, if you are hiring more than one guard.

Will You Need Night Security Only?

You'll also need to decide if you need only night security for when most people are gone from the property, or if you'll also need daytime security. And, will the daytime security duties include only patrolling, standing by doors for access control, and guarding high-security areas, or will there be other duties? These positions often need slightly different training and qualifications, so don't assume you can assign anyone from the security company to any position.

Contact security guard companies and ask about what duties their guards can cover. Discuss insurance and what might be covered by the company versus what your commercial property insurance would cover. You'll be able to put together a contract that gives you the security staff you need for your property or event at a reasonable price.

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