Keeping Your Property Secure While Keeping Some Convenience When Coming And Going

3 March 2021
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Fencing your property for security or privacy is not uncommon, but when you add a fence, you will need a gate to enter the property as well. You may want to have the fence company add an automatic driveway gate installation to your service when installing the fence. 

Gates and Fences

Anytime you add a fence that encircles your entire property, you need to consider gates and where you need them. A  fence that crosses the driveway to your home provides security, but it can be problematic when you enter or leave the property. 

An automatic driveway gate installation can resolve the issue for you and allow you to come and go without leaving the car. These gates often use a remote, like a garage door remote, to open the gate as you approach the property, but it is essential that a backup option is available if the remote stops working. 

One good option is to use a keypad outside the gate that requires a code to be entered to open the gate for you. You can put the keypad on a post outside the gate that allows you to use it from inside the car. If you are concerned about the code being stolen, you might want to consider a system that will enable you to reprogram the code anytime you feel it is necessary. 

Gate Installation

When you consider an automatic driveway gate installation, you need to choose a gate design that will work with your fence. Many different styles are available, and many of these gates are made from steel or other durable materials to ensure that a car can't drive through them. 

If security is a high priority, there are some gates that are reinforced to provide a barrier that is very difficult to defeat and still looks nice. The company doing the gate installation can show you the options for gates that would work well on your property, and if there are custom options, they can help you order one if you like.

The posts for these gates are set in concrete so they can support the gate. Once in place, the gate is fitted with the opener and the system you will use to open and close the gate. If you are using a programmable code system to open the gate, the installer will show you have to program it. 

Adding temporary codes for package delivery or a guest coming to visit is an important feature. It is easily added to most automatic driveway gate installations when the system is being assembled. You may also want to add tamper sensors to the gate to alert you anytime someone touches it.