5 Ways Security Guards Provide Access Control At Your Wedding

12 November 2020
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Should you add security guards to your wedding day plans? Even a private, happy day such as this is at risk of being damaged by security problems. One of the most important of these security needs is access control. How can you use live security to boost access control throughout your day? Here are a few key ways. 

1. Ensuring Only Guests Enter.

First and foremost, security officers ensure that only those on your guest list get inside. One complaint from many brides and grooms hosting large wedding events is in the form of 'wedding crashers'. These uninvited guests can consume your food, take up space, and even start trouble. Avoid this problem by having security guards at entries and exits. 

2. Controlling 'Backstage' Areas.

The 'backstage' of your wedding includes prep rooms for the bride and groom as well as their attendants. It may include private bathroom facilities, lounges for relaxing between activities, the limousine, and even homes used for preparation. You don't want an audience in these private areas, but in an informal setting, people can often interrupt if no one is there specifically to keep them out. 

3. Protecting Valuable Items.

Do you expect to have valuable items at the venues? Many couples get expensive wedding gifts which should be controlled and protected from potential theft. In addition, personal belongings may be left in prep rooms or stored once their big moment is over. Who watches these while you party? A security guard can take care of this necessary 'behind the scenes' task. 

4. Managing Vendors On-Site. Large parties can mean lots of outside vendors. You shouldn't have to manage them all and ensure that their people stay where they're supposed to be. Security staff can work with vendors so that only authorized persons are on-site, and that they will know where vendors should park and work. They can also make sure that no one strays in to unauthorized parts of your ceremony or reception.  

5. Providing Private Moments.

Finally, security staff helps you have those personal moments that are so important for a wedding. You love your guests, certainly, but that doesn't mean you want them around you at all times. Professional guards can keep guests from overwhelming you as you enter or leave the ceremony, keep people out of your special 'first look' area, or even help you sneak out of the reception by yourselves. 

Clearly, access control is vital if you are to have the fantastic day you've always dreamed of. Want to know how security guards can help with your particular plans? Contact a security guard service for more information.