Key Features To Get In A Ballistic Helmet For Security Purposes

23 October 2020
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If you work security and are ever involved in a dangerous situation -- such as violent customers or potentially a shootout -- you need to protect your head. You can with a ballistic helmet. Buying one can work out if you're adamant about getting these features. 


Durability is one of the most important things for a ballistic helmet in security situations, but you also want the helmet being as light as possible. A lightweight design will prevent your head movements from being too difficult, which could affect how you respond to very dangerous scenarios.

You need to be able to turn your head on a swivel when assessing threats, and a ballistic helmet that's lightweight makes this much easier to do. Additionally, a lightweight ballistic helmet won't be uncomfortable to wear -- even if you have it on your head for hours.

Heavily Tested

Before you strap on a ballistic helmet as a security guard going into a dangerous situation, you want to know that the helmet has proven to be effective in all kinds of situations involving heavy impact. You'll feel better if your ballistic helmet has been heavily tested by the manufacturer and appropriate safety regulatory bodies. 

When a ballistic helmet is put through numerous tests and still passes from a performance and safety standpoint, you know it has the right designs and is made from the right materials. You can then be more positive about using it in a real-life situation involving hostile threats. 

Full-Coverage Design

In order for a ballistic helmet to be effective in protecting the head from impact, it needs to have a full-coverage design. This is a helmet that completely covers all sides of your head.

Having this amount of maximum protection ensures you can come away from a heavy-duty head injury without majoring effects being present. You can simply look at a ballistic helmet and see if it has a full-coverage design or not.

You might pay a little more since more materials are used to make these helmets, but at least you don't have to worry about portions of your head being exposed. 

Security guards are put into dangerous situations at times. If you are and want to keep your head fully protected, take a lot of time finding the perfect ballistic helmet. You don't want to sacrifice on anything, whether it's design, materials, or innovative features that could prove life-saving. Learn more about fast helmets today.