Hire Security Guards If Your Company Conducts Public Tours

15 September 2020
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Many companies that work in a wide range of industries run regular tours for members of the public. Doing so can be a good way to allow people to better understand what goes on at one of your locations — a factory, for example. If you manage a company and are planning to begin offering tours, there will be several steps to take. In addition to training members of your staff or hiring new employees to conduct these tours, you should also think about hiring one or more security guards. While your guards won't be leading the tours, they can play an instrumental role in maintaining order in the following ways.

Checking For Prohibited Items

Because you'll be having members of the public enter your building, you want to be sure that no one is carrying anything dangerous that could pose a threat to your employees or to other tour participants. Your regular staff members aren't equipped to deal with such a risk, but professional security guards have experience in this area. Your guards can use metal-detecting wands and physical pat-downs to screen every person who enters your building for the tour, for example. Doing so will be a critical step in keeping everyone safe.

Enforcing A No-Photography Rule

There may be a portion of your tour in which you do not want members of the public taking photographs. There are many potential reasons for this request, including the fact that private information could be visible in the distance. The employee who is leading the tour may not feel authoritative enough to enforce the no-photography rule, nor may they be able to monitor everyone in the tour group at the same time. A trained security guard who either walks with the group or stands in the no-photography zone can watch for infractions and deal with them accordingly.

Keeping The Group Together

One concern that you might have when you begin to run tours is that people could sneak away from the tour group for various reasons. Some individuals may leave the group in an effort to commit theft; in more serious scenarios, industrial espionage could be at play. Having on-site security guards will help to prevent such issues from occurring. For example, a guard could walk behind the group to ensure that no one leaves, or make frequent headcounts to keep track of everyone involved in the tour. Speak to a local security company that has guards who have experience working with workplace tours.

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