5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring A Private Security Guard

21 August 2020
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Hiring private security can be a smart decision, regardless of the industry in which your business operates. From helping to control large crowds to keeping an eye on your place of business overnight, an experienced and professional security guard has a lot to offer your company. Before you hire just any security company for the job, however, there are some important questions you'll want to ask.

How Are Your Guards Trained?

Start by inquiring about training to find out exactly what kind of training requirements and standards the company holds its guards to. If you live in a state where security guards are required to be licensed, you'll want to make sure they carry the proper licensure as well.

What Attire Do Your Guards Wear?

Often times, businesses are looking to hire uniformed guards to be an obvious presence on their property. In some cases, however, it may make more sense to hire a security guard who "blends in" with the crowd. Make sure that the company you're interviewing will work with your needs here.

Are Your Guards Armed or Unarmed?

Typically, security guards are not armed with guns but may carry less-lethal tools, such as tasers and/or pepper spray. If you're looking for a fully armed guard, you should expect to shop around a bit more for a security company that provides firearm training to its guards.

What Type of Reporting Can I Expect?

If there is an incident on your property, you'll want to know the exact protocol that your company will be following to let you know what happened and how the issue was handled (especially if it happens after regular business hours or when you are otherwise not present). Be sure to ask exactly what steps a company will take in regards to maintaining incident logbooks, filing reports, and maintaining documentation of each incident.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

You typically get what you pay for when you hire a security company, so automatically going with the lowest bidder is usually not your best option. Take some time to find out exactly what will be included with your bid and what might cost extra (such as nightly lock-up service). You'll also want to find out how often you'll be expected to make payments and which payment methods are accepted.

By asking these questions, you'll get the information you need to make an informed decision when hiring a security company for your business.