Duties of a Security Team at a Beer Festival

29 July 2020
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Beer festivals are popular summer and fall events in many cities, especially those that are known for having a large number of craft breweries. If you're organizing a beer festival, security is something that you'll want to think about. Contact a security company that specializes in providing officers for various types of events, and it can help you to determine how many officers you'll need at your beer-focused gathering. Security officers can perform a wide range of duties at a beer festival, including the following tasks.

Checking IDs

Your beer festival will obviously only be open for those who are of legal drinking age, but you may face a situation in which a number of underage people attempt to gain access. While some of them may simply try to sneak into the venue, others will use fake identification in an effort to gain access. Trained security professionals are highly experienced in spotting fake IDs, and will be able to quickly identify anyone who is carrying this fraudulent document. Your security officers can then prevent such individuals from entering your event, thus ensuring that you don't get in trouble with the authorities for having underage people at your beer festival.

Maintaining Order

Ideally, all of your beer festival attendees will exercise moderation when they drink and behave themselves appropriately. Unfortunately, there may be a few attendees who consume too much alcohol and act recklessly. In such scenarios, it's necessary to have security officers to intervene quickly. Patrons who are intoxicated can be dangerous to themselves and others, as well as act in ways that bring negative publicity to your event — something that is especially a problem if this is your inaugural beer festival. Patrons who are drinking moderately will appreciate how security officers can keep the event safe and fun for them.

Guarding the Beer

Even a moderate-sized beer festival will have a significant amount of beer on the premises, and you'll want to ensure that it's safe. Someone could potentially gain access to the event's storage area, grab multiple cases or kegs of beer, and then leave — resulting in a shortage of beer for your guests and some frustration for everyone involved. Event security professionals can prevent this. You can identify the specific areas where you're storing large supplies of beer, and one or more guards can remain in this area throughout the festival to only allow access to authorized people.

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