COVID-19 Crisis: 3 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Increase Their Security Patrols

23 April 2020
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As more businesses require their employees to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, it creates unique security risks. One major risk is cybersecurity — with employees connecting to sensitive business networks using their home computers, it opens up several avenues to would-be cyberattackers.

However, physical security is just as important. Criminals are likely to take advantage of reduced staffing levels. It's easier to stealthily break in to businesses and steal equipment when no one is watching.

Vigilant security patrols help mitigate this risk to your business. Below, you'll find three reasons why increasing your physical security is important during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Fewer People Are Around to Spot Criminal Activity

With fewer eyes on your property, you're more vulnerable to burglary. Your employees may be working from home, furloughed or laid off, leaving you with a skeleton crew. Many people are staying at home, so you can't rely on passersby to notice unusual behavior and report it. Burglars know this, and they'll use it to their advantage — they're likelier to be more brazen in their attempts to gain access to businesses.

2. Law Enforcement Is Less Likely to Be Present

Police forces are often overwhelmed during a crisis, and this one is no different. The law enforcement officers themselves may get sick, reducing the police force's staff. Many officers may be enforcing social distancing orders rather than responding to calls or patrolling. With a potentially understaffed force busy performing other duties, criminals may feel more comfortable breaking into businesses. There's a reduced chance that the police will be able to respond in a timely manner, even if the criminals are caught in the act.

3. People May Be More Likely to Turn to Crime

Finally, the economy has taken a huge hit during the COVID-19 crisis. Many people have been laid off or furloughed as businesses close down, especially those working in the service industry. When money begins to run out and there are no jobs available in the area, then there's a chance that people may turn to crime in order to support themselves in any manner that they can. Burglary attempts against your business may become more likely.

Overall, the above factors come together to increase physical security risk to every business during the COVID-19 crisis. If you own a business, it's important to protect your property by hiring security patrol services. The presence of a security patrol is a significant deterrent to any burglar — they would rather target a business without visible security, as the risk is much lower. Contact a security patrol service, like Golden State Security & Patrol, in your area, and ask about their prices per hour and their current availability — you'll want the most protection possible during this time.