Ways That A Personal Security Officer Can Control Paparazzi Outside Of A Restaurant

8 April 2020
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If you're someone who has fame nationally or internationally, one issue that you'll find yourself facing is paparazzi — photographers who are known for aggressively getting in your face to take photos and videos. This can serve as a major invasion of your privacy, especially when you don't wish to be in the public eye. In certain cities, paparazzi often hang out near high-end restaurants, hoping to catch noteworthy people leaving the establishment. If you dine out frequently and have encountered this type of unsavory situation, it's worthwhile to hire a personal security officer. They can help you in this way.

Bringing Your Vehicle Up

When you're ready to leave the restaurant, you don't want to go outside and stand on the sidewalk where you'll be the target of aggressive paparazzi. Instead, your personal security professional can work with the restaurant's valet services and/or your driver and arrange to have your vehicle pulled up right in front of the restaurant. This means that you'll only have to take a few steps across the sidewalk before you'll climb into the safety and privacy of your vehicle.

Keeping Photographers Back

Paparazzi are often known for rushing forward to get their cameras in the faces of public figures, which can be highly annoying and may even tempt you to lash out physically. Many celebrities have faced legal or civil suit issues because of physical confrontations with paparazzi, and you definitely don't want to find yourself in this costly situation. Your personal security officer can protect you and your interests by keeping photographers back. Their physical presence can go a long way toward giving you a safe zone in which to walk as you leave the restaurant.

Blocking Cameras

It's useful for your personal security professional to keep paparazzi out of your face, but they can continue to shoot photos or videos of you from a handful of yards away — and this can be a significant invasion of your privacy. If desired, your security professional can do their best to block the photographers' cameras. By holding their hands in front of the lenses without making contact or perhaps even removing their coat and holding it up, your bodyguard can significantly reduce the ability of paparazzi to document your night out. If you've had bad run-ins with these aggressive people or are just dreading this type of situation happening to you, contact a local personal protection service to inquire about hiring one or more bodyguards.

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