5 Benefits Of Working A Security Job

10 March 2020
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Whether you're in the market for a new career or simply need a job, why not consider working as a security officer? Here are five advantages to this occupation.

1. Security Officer Positions Pay a Decent Living

While you won't get rich when you first start out as a security officer or any entry-level job, for that matter, you will likely receive a good living wage. The average salary for security officers has also been steadily increasing in the past several years.

2. Security Officer Positions Offer Job Flexibility

To some people, the idea of sitting at a desk all day is awful. They want to be up and moving around, engaging with their work environment. For those people, a security job that encompasses making rounds to ensure the facility is secure or working undercover looking for shoplifters is ideal.

For those who are more content being sedentary, a position as a security officer who sits in front of a bank of monitors and watches cameras for anything out of the ordinary would be a better fit. Regardless of your preference, there's a good chance there's a security job that's right for you.

3. Security Officers Can Meet Important People

By the very nature of their job, it's not uncommon for security officers to meet celebrities or other important people that require protection. For example, if you get hired as a security officer at a concert venue, you may get to meet the band. At the very least, you'll hear the show. This is a nice perk of some security officer jobs.

4. Security Officer Positions Provide Extra Income Opportunities 

Many security officer positions are outside normal business weekday hours. For the person who already works full-time but wants to make some extra money, a job as a security officer can be a good fit. Security officer positions are also great for full-time students.

For example, if your days are busy with school or work, a part-time security job in the evening or on the weekends may be just what you are looking for. Many companies employ security officers to keep an eye on things when their business is closed or hire extra help around the holidays.

5. Security Officer Positions Provide Experience

Working as a security officer is a great way to gain experience if you are looking to move into another career. For example, new police academy graduates often work as security officers until they snag an opening with the police department. They learn valuable skills as well as earn money while they wait for a position on the force to open.

For more information about security jobs in your area, contact a local security company.